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Thomas F. Andrew: 1943 - 2014

The firm is very sad to announce that Tom Andrew passed away on December 24, 2014 from pancreatic cancer.

For 47 years, Tom practiced law in Duluth, Minnesota. Originally, and for 17 years, he was a member of the law firm of Van Evera, Mundt, Koskinen, Clure, and Andrew. Tom then became a member of the law firm Brown, Andrew, Hallenbeck, Signorelli and Zallar until 2006. In that year the firm Andrew & Bransky, P.A. was created, and Tom finished out his practice with his son Timothy Andrew and friends Aaron Bransky and Jane Poole.

Tom initially had a broad litigation practice before developing a specialty in labor and employment law. He gave his employer, union and employee clients common sense and thoughtful advice - but it was his skilled and determined advocacy on their behalf that set him apart. Tom’s most satisfying cases were those in which he defended or advanced the rights of working people.

Tom was a superb lawyer, loving father, devoted husband and a great friend. Tom will be deeply missed by his family and his many friends as well as his clients, legal peers and all of us at Andrew & Bransky, P.A.